Biking Mountain Cycling Azores Portugal

Bike Cycling Nature Ride Azores PortugalCycling Nature Trails: 2/3 hours

Difficulty: Low
Physical: Low
Nature: High / Very High

Away and along the lakes and unbeatten paths on the bike. Cycle your stress away and discover the natural beauties of São Miguel!

Mountain Bike Cycling Azores PortugalMountain Biking Trails: 2/3 hours

Difficulty: Low / Medium
Physical: Low / Medium
Nature: Very Very High

Biking along the beautiful lakes, valleys, mountains, forests always with the sea as background. One of best ways to discover the islands!

Downhill Bike Cycling Azores PortugalDownHill Bike Trails: 2 hours

Difficulty: Medium / High
Physical: Medium / High
Nature: High

Feel the adrenaline and thrills of rushing down your bike towards the sea and lakes on trails magnificently provided by nature – feel alive!!!

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